ASCE’s Dream Big Movie Encourages STEM-Related Careers

Do kids today know how to Dream Big? The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) created an award-winning IMAX movie last year called Dream Big to inspire kids from diverse backgrounds to pursue careers in engineering and STEM-related fields. ASCE provided funding to send a copy of the movie to every public high school in the U.S.

Breedlove Land Planning continued this effort by providing funding to send a copy of Dream Big to every public middle school in Georgia as well as all private middle and high schools in the state. BLP made the donation of $1,180 to purchase 236 videos and tool kits and ASCE matched that to reach a total of 473 schools in Georgia.

“This is such a great opportunity to potentially impact so many kids and inspire them to go into STEM related areas and really just be ambitious! BLP does a lot of civil engineering design for many of the school systems throughout the state and this is the perfect opportunity for us to give back and show our appreciation while also doing something that will really have a huge positive impact!”, said Matt Tanner, BLP Principal and ASCE Georgia President Elect.

Click here to learn more about Dream Big and view the trailer.

Click here to read about ASCE’s goal to provide a copy to every school.


Amicalola Falls Lodge Veranda Expansion

Construction is now complete on the Amicalola Falls Lodge Veranda expansion! The new veranda offers expanded outdoor space for weddings and events complete with a fire pit and stunning views of the North Georgia Mountains. Breedlove Land Planning provided landscape architecture services for the new veranda area including detailed hardscape, grading, stormwater conveyance, and planting design.

ULI Women’s Leadership Initiative Fall Wine Tasting

This week BLP’s Kathryn Medina and Anna Harrison attended a wine tasting to kick-off the 2018 – 2019 programming season for ULI’s Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) . WLI’s mission is to raise the visibility and number of women leaders in ULI and the real estate industry. The wine tasting was led by Samara Kaufman-Waldman with Cinagro Wine. Samara introduced the group to unique organic wines, most of which were created by female winemakers.

Breedlove Competes in AthHalf

BLP employees Bobby Molleur, Gary Caraway and Kayloe Dawson after finishing their first half marathon. Not pictured: Azael Garza who also completed the race.

This past weekend, four BLP employees competed in the AthHalf, Half Marathon. The AthHalf winds participants on a 13.1 mile course around Athens, GA including downtown, various historic districts and portions of the UGA campus. Just before the finish line, race participants had their name called out over the loud speaker as they ran out of the tunnel into Sanford Stadium. The AthHalf is an annual event put on by AthFest Educates, a non-profit organization whose mission is to fund high-quality music and arts education for local K-8 youth. We are proud of our BLP employees for their participation, and great finishes, in this event.

Regenerative Design Summit

Breedlove Land Planning was a proud sponsor of USGBC Georgia’s Regenerative Design Summit held this past Friday at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  The event brought together over 100 design and construction industry professionals aiming to take sustainable design beyond less-bad to the point of “Regenerative”.  Regenerative design aims to consider each building project as playing a small role within the larger system to which it contributes.  Regenerative design seeks solutions which “renew, evolve and thrive” in the same way that natural systems do.  To reach this level of connection within the ecosystems we inhabit, we must rethink the design process in a way that places priority first on purpose.  During the event, a teaming activity paired professionals from varying disciplines to illustrate how integration from the outset can better define a project’s purpose and potential.  BLP attendees included Reece Parker, Alan Wieczynski, Katie Medina and Gary Caraway.

Cobb P.A.R.K.S. Administration Building and Services & Operations Building Renovation

Construction is nearing completion on the new Cobb County P.A.R.K.S. Administration Building and Services & Operations Building. The project provides the Department with a central headquarters complex for all of their administration and services needs. The campus project includes a new 18,400 SF Administration Building with offices for the director and staff, a public meeting room with after-hours access and an enhanced entrance lobby area. The project also includes the repurposing of an existing storage facility to provide an equipment storage area, vehicle maintenance shop, and parts storage area. Additionally, an existing Inventory Control Building was demolished and rebuilt in place as a new 4,000 SF facility.

Breedlove Land Planning provided site design services for the complex including site layout planning, parking and access configurations, grading and drainage improvements, utility infrastructure, erosion control and landscape design. The Administration Building also includes an outdoor patio space for employees.

George L. Smith State Park Canoe/Kayak Launch

Construction was recently completed on the new canoe/kayak launch at George L. Smith State Park in Twin City, Georgia. The project consisted of accessible parking and an accessible pedestrian route to both the existing fishing/boat dock and the new canoe and kayak launch. The lake at this park is one of the most scenic in the state and is a very popular destination for paddling. Just watch out for the occasional alligator!