Church of the Epiphany

BLP’s Katie Medina and Alan Wieczynski have been working with the Episcopal Church of the Epiphany for almost two years on their latest campus addition. It all started with a vision and a Master Plan back in 2017, and this summer BLP finally got the green light to turn this project into construction documents. Our team is seen here walking the church’s Capital Campaign, Building and Grounds, and Native Plant committees through the plans. We can’t wait to break ground on this project in 2020!


UGA Ed Hoard Memorial First Tee Golf Tournament

BLP recently participated in the Ed Hoard Golf Tournament, with Matt Tanner and Anna Harrison offering cold beers to golfers, while Gary Caraway and Kyle Webb golfed in the tournament. The event raised approximately $40,000, which will provide scholarships for low and moderate income students to attend UGA.

New Bull Elephant Comes to Zoo Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta’s elephants, Kelly and Tara, will soon have a new companion. Msholo, a 30 year old male African elephant, will be joining them in the new Zambezi Elephant Center. BLP provided site design for this and other projects within the new African Savanna, which will open to the public on August 8.

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Exciting news! Zoo Atlanta welcomes Msholo, an adult male African elephant from the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, to the Zambezi Elephant Center at the all-new African Savanna, opening on August 8. Msholo, who at 30 years old weighs more than 11,000 pounds, arrived in Atlanta on July 24. He will occupy the Zambezi Elephant Center at the all-new African Savanna, opening on August 8. ⠀ Msholo will meet the African elephants here at the Zoo, Kelly and Tara, who moved to the Zambezi Elephant Center on June 16. The ability to meet a new social companion will be an enriching opportunity for Kelly and Tara, whose well-being was the primary goal of the design of their new African Savanna habitat, which more than triples the size of their former habitat. The African Savanna and Zambezi Elephant Center have the capacity to house up to seven elephants. ⠀ Features of the elephant environment in the African Savanna include Abana Pond, the largest of the complex’s three water features. Abana Pond has almost 360-degree access and a gentle slope for ease of use by multiple elephants. Additional elements include Chishimba Falls and Kalambo Falls, two waterfalls named for falls in Africa, and a feeder enrichment activity wall. The indoor Zambezi Elephant Center likewise features elements designed with elephant well-being in mind, including sand under the elephants’ feet. The Center was designed to include a large observation area where Zoo visitors will be able to get a behind-the-scenes look at the elephants’ care. ⠀ As part of a commitment to leadership in professional elephant care and superior dedication to elephant well-being, Zoo Atlanta is also making a substantial commitment to the protection and long-term sustainability of wild elephant populations in Africa, where their future is very uncertain without conservation action. Illegal trafficking for ivory and human-wildlife conflict represent significant threats for African elephants. In 2018, Zoo Atlanta announced a partnership with Conservation South Luangwa, a nonprofit organization based in Zambia, to protect elephants and other species impacted by these threats. (Photo courtesy San Diego Safari Park) ⠀ #OnlyZooATL

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Volunteer Day with Habitat for Humanity

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Last weekend BLP volunteered with the Athens Area Habitat for Humanity to clear the site and install silt fencing for the construction of a “Kinda-Tiny Home.” The team worked along with Faye, the homeowner, filling two dumpsters with tree branches and using a wood chipper on the remaining branches.

Through a collaboration between the Athens Area Habitat for Humanity and USGBC Athens, a design competition entitled “Kinda-Tiny Homes” sought to provide creative solutions to the affordable housing issues in Athens. Although not truly tiny homes, which by definition are typically less than 400 square feet, these Kinda-Tiny Homes will come in around 750 SF to work within allowable zoning requirements for minimal square footage within the city. Additionally, these homes will be the first LEED Certified residential houses to ever hit the real estate market in Athens. In January BLP attended the Athens Area Habitat for Humanity Committee of 100 Gala to help raise funds for the project.

UGA Pedestrian Bridge

Breedlove Land Planning is currently assisting the University of Georgia Facilities Maintenance Division with the replacement of a pedestrian bridge off East Campus Road. The pedestrian bridge spans the railway below to serve as a primary connection between South Campus and East Campus, home to the Ramsey Student Center for Physical Activities, the UGA Performing Arts Center, the Georgia Museum of Art, and East Campus Village Housing. Approaching the bridge, you will enter through the newly redesigned gateway plaza. The new plaza features thoughtful delineation between circulation and seating zones, a bio-diverse plant palette and a new home for the “split-screw” sculpture. The pictures above showcase the strategic placement of the prefabricated steel bridge by Banner Industrial Construction.

Zoo Atlanta Elephants Move Into Their New Habitat

Zoo Atlanta’s elephants, Kelly and Tara, have moved into their new habitat and the Zambezi Elephant Center. BLP provided site design for this and other projects within the new African Savanna, opening later this summer.


South Columbia Drive Path Approved by City of Decatur


The Decatur City Commission recently approved Breedlove Land Planning’s “Option B” design for a shared-use path on South Columbia Drive. The improvements are needed to accommodate pedestrian traffic once the new Talley Street Upper Elementary School opens in August. The concept was designed o be used by pedestrians and cyclists, connecting the new Talley Street School, Legacy Park and the East Decatur Greenway.

The selected design includes a 10-foot shared use path with a three to five-foot landscaped buffer. The path will be about a quarter-mile long initially, though long-term plans call for eventually linking Talley with the multi-use path further south on Katie Kerr Drive. BLP also provided site design services for Talley Street Upper Elementary School.

To read more about the approved projects visit the AJC and Decaturish.