Zoo Atlanta’s Savanna Hall Now Open

Zoo Atlanta recently announced the opening of Savanna Hall, which was formerly the Cyclorama building at Grant Park. The building now has four floors with event spaces on the third and fourth floors and administrative spaces on the first and second floors. BLP is proud to be a part of the project team with The Epsten Group and Winter Johnson Group.

Click here for more information about the project.


Breedlove Land Planning Team Semifinalist for Trinity Avenue Farm Design Competition

Breedlove Land Planning, as part of Team Elevate, was selected as a semifinalist for the City of Atlanta’s Trinity Avenue Farm Design Competition.  The competition, which had approximately 80 registrants, was ‘developed to inspire creativity and innovation as the City of Atlanta works to establish an effective and inspirational model for urban agriculture within Atlanta communities—showcasing how fresh food can be grown locally and sustainably’.   The site design, above, separates the site into a variety of zones, each intended to highlight farming techniques suitable for the ultra-urban to the suburban city environment.

Sumatran Tigers Born at Zoo Atlanta

The Atlanta Journal and Constitution is reporting the “first tiger cubs to be born at Zoo Atlanta in a decade arrived late Tuesday. Chelsea, a 7-year-old Sumatran tiger, gave birth to two cubs. It’s the first offspring for Chelsea and her mate, 10-year-old Kavi. Mom and cubs are bonding in a special indoor den; once she and her brood have adapted to their surroundings, they will be on view via webcam at the Sun Bear/Tiger Terrace at Zoo Atlanta and at www.zooatlanta.com.”  Breedlove Land Planning is pleased to have participated in the design and development of the Tiger Terrance and Sun Bear (above) habitat.


Complex Carnivores Open to the Public at Zoo Atlanta

The Atlanta Journal and Constitution has posted a photo gallery of the newest Zoo Atlanta exhibit- the second phase of Complex Carnivores.  As Zoo Atlanta states, Complex Carivores introduces three new mammal species to Zoo Atlanta: bush dogs, binturong and fossa. The animals won’t be the only new carnivores in the Zoo; adjacent to their habitats, a carnivorous plant bog will showcase predatory plants, including Venus fly traps, pitcher plants and sundews.  Breedlove Land Planning is proud to have assisted The Espten Group and Ursa International with the design of this new exhibit.  (photo © 2011 AJC)

Zoo Atlanta Sun Bears In Action

While recently performing a construction observation visit for a soon-to-be completed Zoo Atlanta project, Breedlove Land Planning designer Kyle Webb, E.I.T, LEED AP BD+C shot a video of a Malaysian sun bear playing in its habitat.  Breedlove Land Planning was part of The Epsten Group design team for both phases of the carnivore exhibit renovation project, which included this habitat.  Zoo Atlanta will soon unveil the second phase and open it to the public.

Bioretention Pond Installed at Piedmont Park

Construction at the Piedmont Park Maintenance Facility is nearing completion.  This LEED pending project embraces many tenants of sustainable design and construction including porous parking, the use of light colored hardscape material to reduce the heat island effect and an ecological approach to stormwater treatment.  The bioretention pond (pictured above) is designed to treat stormwater pollutants from the building roof and adjacent hardscape.  Runoff is directed to this vegetated basin where engineered soil filters sediment, soil-bound microbes break down contaminants and plants work to process pollutants through their natural cycles.  Breedlove Land Planning has designed over a hundred such bioretention cells throughout the Atlanta region.

Piedmont Park Maintenance Building Under Construction

Part of the 53 acre expansion of Atlanta’s premiere open space, Piedmont Park, is a new maintenance facility for park staff.  This site is sandwiched between two of Atlanta’s most exciting projects, the park expansion and the Atlanta Beltline corridor.  Designed by The Epsten Group and Breedlove Land Planning, this one acre site includes a LEED Silver pending office building with a covered vehicle wash off area and garage, a pole barn and various storage bins and containers.  Some of the site design elements include a porous parking lot  and a bioretention pond stormwater management facility to treat pollutants from runoff.  The project should be completed by Fall 2010.

New Zoo Atlanta Exhibit to Open

The new Zoo Atlanta Carnivore Complex, phase one, is set to open this week.  Breedlove Land Planning, as a consultant to The Epsten Group and in conjunction with Ursa International, designed and permitted this habitat renovation.  New additions to the zoo include sun bears, sumatran tigers and wreathed hornbills.  This exhibit opening marks the second the team has designed at Zoo Atlanta, the first being the Parakeet Adventure (photo below).  The phase two design of the renovation of the Carnivore Complex is underway.