Georgia Tech Peters Park Project in Permitting

Permitting for the Peters Park Improvements at Georgia Tech is close to completion.  Located across the street from Bobby Dodd Stadium, this campus open space includes a series of retaining walls that are in need of replacement.  Breedlove Land Planning has designed a set of construction documents to stabilize the site, improve upon the streetscape treatment and plaza space, reforest portions of the park and manage stormwater quality and runoff through the use of a bioretention pond.  The site design meets all key criteria of the Georgia Tech Landscape Master Plan to help meet the campus’ strict ecological performance targets.

Breedlove Prepares Plant Guide for Camp Twin Lakes

Over the last couple of years, Breedlove Land Planning has performed a number of pro bono site design services for Camp Twin Lakes, a network of camps in Georgia providing programs for children with serious illnesses, disabilities and other challenges.  Most recently, a guide to the proper selection of plants was produced to help aim the selection of vegetation on future projects.  This 65 pages guide emphasizes the use of drought tolerant and low maintenance native trees, shrubs, grasses and groundcovers and pegs their selection to soil types and soil moisture levels.  The goal of the document is to facilitate a consistent plant palette for all Camp Twin Lake facilities while promoting ecological diversity.