NPDES – New Electronic Submittals

As a local leader in site design and permitting, Breedlove Land Planning strives to remain at the forefront of any major regulatory or permitting changes that may impact our clients and their projects. One such change we want to make you aware of relates to the permitting process for the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Environmental Protection Division (GA EPD), the entity that oversees compliance with the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). Coming this August, all submittals to GA EPD must be filed electronically through their GEOS system. This will affect any necessary plan reviews, Notice of Intent and Notice of Termination Filings as required for compliance with erosion and sedimentation control regulations.

In the past, Breedlove Land Planning has handled the GA EPD permitting process for our clients by preparing the required plans and forms as needed.  However, the new GEOS submittal process will require the CLIENT/ Property Owner to take the lead. The Property Owner must first register an account through GEOS and connect the associated preparer (i.e.- Breedlove Land Planning) to the project account. From there, we can prepare any required documents as we have in the past.

As this change begins to take effect, Breedlove Land Planning stands ready to assist our clients as they navigate the new process.

Follow this link to GEOS for more information and resources: