Barrow Arts and Sciences Academy Groundbreaking

Breedlove Land Planning’s Mike Breedlove, Matt Tanner, Joe Moon and Gary Caraway recently attended the groundbreaking for Barrow County’s newest high school – The Barrow Arts and Sciences Academy (BASA). This school embodies the Barrow County School Systems mantra of being “Barrow BOLD”. The school focus extends beyond S.T.E.M. to a S.T.E.A.M. curriculum which allows students to specialize in a specific area of art, science or technology.  The school will then integrate each students STEAM interest into all aspects of their core curriculum, harnessing a student’s known interest to generate learning excitement across all subjects.

The boldness to the approach to curriculum was rivaled by the progressiveness of the campus design.  BLP was selected in 2017 to provide master planning for the overall site, which aims to support the new high school plus potential for future elementary and middle schools.  BLP then performed full design, construction documentation and permitting services for the implementation of the master plan’s first phase, the BASA campus. The BASA campus features seamless interior/exterior learning environments including courtyards, an amphitheater seating area and a campus green. This will not be your typical high school campus. Cunningham Forehand Matthews & Moore Architects, Inc. designed the new Student Center and the new Classroom Facility.

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