Breedlove Supports Athens Area Habitat for Humanity

This past week, BLP members joined Athens Area Habitat for Humanity for their annual Committee of 1000 Gala. The premise is that if a thousand people can give just $70 each, then together we can build a house for someone in need. As the trend in many cities, the Athens area is suffering from less and less low-income housing options. This issue is forcing families out of their homes and communities. We strongly support the work that Habitat for Humanity is doing to provide education, as well as solutions for this gap in affordable housing – solutions that can change the trajectory of a family tree for future generations.

Through a collaboration between the Athens Area Habitat for Humanity and USGBC Athens, a design competition entitled “Kinda-Tiny Homes” sought to provide creative solutions to the affordable housing issues in Athens. Although not truly tiny homes, which by definition are typically less than 400 square feet, these Kinda-Tiny Homes will come in around 750 SF to work within allowable zoning requirements for minimal square footage within the city. Additionally, these homes will be the first LEED Certified residential houses to ever hit the real estate market in Athens. During the gala, the winning team’s design plans were revealed. The Committee of 1000 was even given a chance to meet one of the selected future homeowners as she revealed her excitement and gratitude on behalf of her family. Stay tuned for more updates as the Kinda-Tiny Homes project continues to develop.


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