ASCE’s Dream Big Movie Encourages STEM-Related Careers

Do kids today know how to Dream Big? The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) created an award-winning IMAX movie last year called Dream Big to inspire kids from diverse backgrounds to pursue careers in engineering and STEM-related fields. ASCE provided funding to send a copy of the movie to every public high school in the U.S.

Breedlove Land Planning continued this effort by providing funding to send a copy of Dream Big to every public middle school in Georgia as well as all private middle and high schools in the state. BLP made the donation of $1,180 to purchase 236 videos and tool kits and ASCE matched that to reach a total of 473 schools in Georgia.

“This is such a great opportunity to potentially impact so many kids and inspire them to go into STEM related areas and really just be ambitious! BLP does a lot of civil engineering design for many of the school systems throughout the state and this is the perfect opportunity for us to give back and show our appreciation while also doing something that will really have a huge positive impact!”, said Matt Tanner, BLP Principal and ASCE Georgia President Elect.

Click here to learn more about Dream Big and view the trailer.

Click here to read about ASCE’s goal to provide a copy to every school.

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